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DEN was founded to support students, faculty and alumni in moving ideas into action

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Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Don't miss this intensive 3 week course on conceiving, building and launching your own startup venture.  Learn about idea generation, market fit, technical product development, and raising your first round of funding.

The Four Pillars of DEN


Experiential Learning

The DEN offers a wide-range of educational programming, internship support, and off-campus trek experiences that help students and faculty build an entrepreneurial skillset.


Startup Support

These offerings provide support and grant funding for students and faculty involved in new venture development.


Alumni Engagement

The DEN engages alumni through DEN City Chapters, events, and partnerships than enable Dartmouth students and faculty to work for alumni-led companies and startups.


Community Involvement

The DEN engages with the broader local, regional and international entrepreneurial communities through thought leadership, open programming, partnerships, and professional memberships.

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Learn at DEN

Learn about entrepreneurship at DEN via programming offered for all students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members, such as our startup bootcamp speakers.

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Need workspace to develop your idea or expand your team. Work with us at one of two locations; depending on your needs, the DEN Innovation Center or the Dartmouth Regional Technology Center.

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