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Meet Natalie

"The DEN and the DEN Innovation Center defined my Dartmouth experience and feels like a family. I could rub shoulders with the innovators, coders, business people and designers all under one roof where symbiosis happened organically. Thank you so much for creating such a vibrant and life-changing space!"

 – Natalie Afonina TH’16


The DEN Associates

The DEN Associates are the student leadership board of the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network (DEN). They inspire, motivate and mentor their peers in all aspects of entrepreneurship. The DEN Associates program gives selected Dartmouth undergraduate and graduate students both experiential leadership opportunities as well as access to additional DEN resources and opportunities. They are responsible for providing strategic feedback to the professional DEN Team, implementing student programming, and acting as ambassadors of the DEN on campus. Students choose committees where they focus on specific programs and organizational efforts. In addition to weekly board meetings, associates are expected to contribute 5-7 hours a week to their respective committees and/or DEN programming. The objective is for DEN Associates to develop a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship while gaining leadership experience and supporting the overall mission of Dartmouth and the DEN.


  • Leadership role in collaborative DEN strategic projects
  • Honorary ambassadorship of DEN campus activities, including affinity networking events
  • Participation in a once-a-term DEN strategic board retreat
  • Access to and participation in internal DEN resources, operations and events


  • Actively learn about and experience entrepreneurship in a well-supported environment
  • Contribute 7-10 hours per week to DEN 
  • Design and manage DEN student programs: DEN Campus Ventures (DCV) and DEN Experiential Entrepreneurship Program (DEEP) 
  • Manage and host one affinity networking event on campus; meeting students and spreading the word about DEN.

Student Programs

  • DEN Campus Ventures (DCV) where Dartmouth student startups are matched to Dartmouth students interested in working for a startup.
  • DEN Experiential Entrepreneurship Program (DEEP) provides undergraduate and graduate students with the knowledge to grow a startup. Starting where the DEN Introduction to Entrepreneurship Workshop leaves off, students take part in weekly workshops that teach them how to pitch an idea, market a product, and build a team. The program culminates in a three week startup simulator. Students acquire the skills they need to be successful in the startup world.

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Meet the 2017-2018 DEN Associates


Aidan Folbe


Alexander Danilowicz


Jay Batchu


Bailey Miller


Julian Marcu


Caroline Cline


Matus Petrovsky

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Elizabeth Hart


Caroline Hsu


Sam Barrett

Aidan Folbe ’19 hails from Detroit, Michigan and intends to major in environmental studies at Dartmouth College. Aidan is the co-founder and COO of a venture-backed, social impact startup called GiftAMeal. GiftAMeal is a mobile app that transforms restaurants into social enterprises and empowers diners by donating a meal to someone in need each time a user takes a photo of their food, drink or experience. GiftAMeal has over 120 partner restaurants in St. Louis, Chicago and Detroit, but ultimately plans to scale nation-wide. Aidan won first place at the DEN/DALI 2016 winter pitch competition. GiftAMeal was named the top 3 student startup in the country at the South by Southwest competition in 2015. Before coming to Dartmouth, Aidan owned and operated a bagel delivery company where he fulfilled over 50 orders every Sunday. Throughout his freshman and sophomore years, Aidan utilized the DEN Innovation Center workspace and participated in DEN programs to further his entrepreneurial knowledge. He continues to mentor students looking to start their own companies and plans programs to develop their skills. Aidan enjoys working with others, brainstorming solutions to problems, and implementing new ideas.

Alexander Danilowicz ’19 grew up in San Diego, California. At Dartmouth, he is majoring in computer science modified by economics. He started attending DEN Student Circle events in the fall of his freshman year. Alexander has worked for the Mayor of San Diego’s Digital Strategy Team, for a real estate investment trust, and inside an emergency room. He once gave a TED talk about life’s opportunities. He is excited to be a DEN Associate and looks forward to giving back to the DEN community.



Jayanth Batchu ’18 is a biomedical engineering and economics double major and a Biomedical Research Scholar. In his freshman year, he worked on a nanoparticle cancer research project which he began in high school (Jay served as the principal investigator of a published biomedical engineering paper and represented North Carolina three times in the pathophysiology event at the HOSA National Leadership Conferences, ranked 10th in the nation). Jay turned this project into a biotech start-up called Novather, Inc. at the beginning of his sophomore year. The problem this nanoparticle technology is solving is that chemotherapy is not very specific. This nanoparticle technology can potentially significantly increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy by preventing the chemotherapy drugs from interacting with healthy cells and only allowing the chemotherapeutic drugs to interact with cancer cells while reducing side effects. This technology is being prototyped and is in the process of being tested in vitro and in vivo. Furthermore, Novather, Inc. has undertaken a cancer immunotherapy with the aim of better arming the human immune system to increase cancer treatment effectiveness while decreasing side effects. Novather, Inc. is planning to begin in vitro and in vivo testing soon for this project. Jay is interested in the biotech start-up world and the start-up world in general. He is excited to meet and learn from alumni, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists involved in those activities.


Bailey Miller ’18 is studying mathematics and computer science. He became involved with the DEN his freshman year as part of the DEN in Residence Living Learning Community and started working as a DEN Associate his freshman spring. Bailey is interested in how technology can be leveraged to solve complex, real world problems. He has interned at several technology companies including IrisVR, Blend, and Google. As a research assistant in the Dartmouth Visual Computing Lab, Bailey also works on creating theoretical frameworks and computational algorithms to simulate light transport. Last summer, he attended the Eurographics Symposium on Rendering in Helsinki to co-present a paper on Monte-Carlo sampling theory and is currently working on a senior thesis based on volumetric rendering of chromatic, heterogeneous media. After graduation, Bailey will join Blend in San Francisco as a software engineer.

Julian Marcu ’18 is a native of San Francisco. He is an environmental studies major with a minor in markets, management, and the economy at Dartmouth. He has served as co-president of the Rockefeller Business and Entrepreneurial Leaders (RBEL) which is a think-tank and springboard for student-entrepreneurs on campus. Julian has been involved with the DEN since his freshmen fall when he attended various speaker series and DEN Fireside events. He has been a DEN Host since his freshman winter and is starting his second year as a DEN Associate. Julian also served on the Dartmouth Energy Task Force where he conducted a comprehensive analysis of sustainability on campuses across the country in an effort to better inform and direct Dartmouth’s sustainable future. In his free time Julian enjoys competing for the Dartmouth club basketball team and exercising with the club weightlifting team. During the fall of 2016 Julian studied international development and sociology at the University of Copenhagen through Dartmouth’s Copenhagen Exchange Program. In the spring of 2017, Julian conducted research as a Presidential Scholar on the United States government’s reactiveness and willingness to implement renewable energy policy in response to shifts in fossil fuel prices. In the future, Julian aims to earn an MBA and become a successful eco-entrepreneur.


Caroline Cline ’19 is an English major. She first explored entrepreneurship as an intern at Endeavor the summer before coming to Dartmouth. Caroline started work at the DEN Innovation Center as a DEN Host her freshman summer. She interned at Daversa Partners, where she gained a comprehensive understanding of the technology sector and was able to interact with many dynamic, highly successful startups. As a DEN Associate she coordinated DEN Campus Ventures connecting Dartmouth student ventures with Dartmouth students eager to get startup work experience. As the DEN Associates marketing coordinator, Caroline worked to find better ways to advertise DEN student programming. During the summer of 2017, she was a DEN Associate Co-chair.  She has spent winter-term as a product team intern at Modsy, a startup that creates 3D renders of rooms and decorates them according to a given customer’s style preferences. Caroline plans to pursue a career on a startup team in the 3D design space.



Matúš Petrovský ’19 was born and raised in Bratislava, Slovakia. During junior year of high school, he attended Peddie School in New Jersey as an ASSIST Scholar. After spending a year at Peddie, he returned to Slovakia to finish high school with an International Baccalaureate Diploma. During the last year of high school, he organized the Model United Nations Conference in his home town. The experience from New Jersey motivated him to pursue a higher level of education in the United States. Consequently, he came to Dartmouth to study mathematics and economics, while pursuing a minor in Russian. His extra-curricular activities include the Dartmouth Track and Field, the Thayer Consulting Club, and the Rockefeller Leadership Programs. In the meantime, Matúš also works as a drill instructor for the Russian Department. During freshmen summer, he interned at an investment bank in Bratislava, Slovakia and at an investment firm in Prague, Czech Republic, where he assisted the investment team in market research and validation of companies for assessing the extent of future growth potential. This enriching experience gave him incentive to expand and apply his knowledge and skills in areas of business and entrepreneurship at Dartmouth as a DEN Student Associate.


Elizabeth Hart ’19 is working toward a masters degree in the Master of Engineering Management program with a focus on entrepreneurship. She started her collegiate career at Middlebury College where she studied physics and Spanish and came to Dartmouth through the 3-2 dual degree program. Elizabeth finished her BE in 2017. She intends to apply her engineering studies and liberal arts skills in a startup in the medical device industry. This winter she interned with FreshAir sensor co-founded by Joseph BelBruno, PhD, Dartmouth Professor of Chemistry, and Jack O’Toole T’14 . During her free time Elizabeth enjoys running, cycling and playing music.




Caroline Hsu ’18 was born and raised in Middletown, New Jersey. She studies economics and Asian and Middle-eastern studies at Dartmouth College. On campus, she is an Undergraduate Advisor and is a member of the Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra. This spring she will be studying abroad at Keble College of Oxford University to explore her interest in international economics. In her spare time, Caroline enjoys creative writing and exploring new cities. She is passionate about technology and social entrepreneurship. Caroline is looking forward to helping the DEN grow and hopes to spread the spirit of entrepreneurship across campus.


Sam Barrett ’20 is a mathematical data science and economics double major at Dartmouth College. He has been a member of the DEN in Residence Living Learning Community since he first arrived at Dartmouth, and became a DEN Associate in his freshman spring where he helps coordinate DEN student programming. His interests in entrepreneurship center around e-commerce for the entertainment and music industries. He spent his last off-term interning at the largest start-up development space in his home state of Delaware. In his free time, Sam plays the guitar and trumpet, writes for the Dartmouth Jack-O-Lantern, and teaches snowboarding at the Dartmouth Skiway.