The Class of 2005 Fund for Entrepreneurship: Grant for Entrepreneurship


The Class of 2005 is excited to support your projects in entrepreneurship. The ‘05s knows that Dartmouth students are always thinking about how to make the world a better place. For this reason, their endowment will provide funding each year for a proposal in the entrepreneurship space and if it has a social aspect to it, even better.


The Class of 2005 Grant for Entrepreneurship, part of DEN's Founder Grant program, facilitates the start and development of Dartmouth-founded projects focused on social good. The Class of 2005 Grant awards up to $2,500. Successful applicant teams have ambitious entrepreneurial plans with a social good angle, exhibit solid background research of the idea, and demonstrate high commitment to both learning and executing on their ideas.


Eligibility: At this time, the Class of 2005 Grant is open to enrolled full-time undergraduate and graduate Dartmouth students, Dartmouth faculty, and Dartmouth staff who are either the founder or one of the co-founders of the venture. 

A maximum of one Class of 2005 Grant per primary applicant per academic year, regardless of venture, will be granted.


Applications will be open as part of the DEN Founder Grant application during the Spring term.  The grant will be available to use for the Summer terms.

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