Dartmouth Regional Technology Center


The Dartmouth Regional Technology Center, Inc. (DRTC) is a private, non profit organization formed in 2004 to assist start up businesses, providing support programs and a 32,500 square foot mixed used technology incubator to foster the development of high-growth technology startup companies in New Hampshire. In 2012 an expansion project began with first tenants moving into the 28,000 square foot facility in June 2013.

The DRTC provides flexible wet-lab, light manufacturing and office spaces, education, strategic advice and support, shared services, and networking to financial and business resources. The incubator focuses on developing businesses with a proven concept and a solid plan. The DRTC offers an educational and infrastructure support program aimed at developing promising technology startups by assisting them in refining their business plans, helping them identify and seek sources of investment and expertise, and providing them with basic business infrastructure to make them as productive as possible in as short a time as possible.

The work carried out by DRTC is part of a larger project to create, build, and expand jobs in companies formed around technology innovations. Critical to the success of the program is on-site management, which develops and orchestrates business, marketing, and management resources tailored to a company's needs.

Operation of business development and education operations of DRTC, Inc. are performed by Dartmouth College through its Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network office, the Tuck School of Business, and other resources under a management contract with DRTC.

As tenants and clients develop and need to graduate from the incubator facility, DRTC draws on the expertise and resources of the Grafton County Economic Development Council and the North Country Council to assist these high-growth, technology-oriented businesses to mature and remain in the upper New England region. The DRTC partners lay the groundwork for companies to move out of the incubator and expand their businesses.

The DRTC received funding from the US Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration in the amount of $4.3M to build the expansion of this very successful business incubator. 

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