DEN in Residence

DEN in Residence is a unique opportunity to live and breathe entrepreneurship. It is the Dartmouth Living and Learning Community for students who have an entrepreneurial spirit. Located on the fourth floor of New Hampshire Hall, the DEN in Residence floor is located in close proximity to the DEN Innovation Center and New Venture Incubator in the Dartmouth Arts and Innovation District.

Student residents focus on a broad set of entrepreneurial perspectives and goals as they commit to a two-term innovation cycle. Residents pursue entrepreneurial interests, are savvy in technical projects, or may be visionaries in a social venture. Residents may work on their own ventures or contribute to designing the DEN in Residence Program as they envision, design, and develop future programming for DEN in Residence. Students build a strong connection to the DEN Innovation Center and New Venture Incubator as they participate in, and create, programming. Their hands-on learning experience is augmented by connections they make with DEN alumni, local community entrepreneurs and resources, and DEN City Chapters.

DEN in Residence students have the opportunity to participate in extensive DEN programming and are invited to special Dartmouth alumni or speaker events. Students participate in DEN in Residence floor social events, floor generated programming, and weekly dinners where they keep each other accountable for their project and venture goals.

The pinnacle of each term is DEN in Residence Mini Treks. Residents take 2-3 day trips to entrepreneurial or tech conferences or events in a variety of cities in the United States. Supplemented by site visits, dinners, gatherings, and events that connect students with seasoned alumni entrepreneurs, mini treks allow for unprecedented mentoring and networking opportunities.